Embedded Mentorships

We train, manage, and place JLI Educators in schools to work alongside teachers, offering realtime professional development that enhances teacher training and student learning. Our JLI Educators serve as reverse mentors; many are millennials with extensive journalism, media, and technology skills that are largely missing within the predominant teaching workforce. JLI Educators are NOT “fixers” – we don’t take the perspectives that teachers or schools are broken. Rather, JLI Educators are collaborators who work with teachers toward realizing shared goals.

Online Community

We are growing an online community of practice where educators can access a repository of JLI resources, including video tutorials, podcasts, and lesson plans. JLI Master Educators also facilitate live webinars, lead on-demand trainings, and provide realtime one-on-one or group consulting services.

After School Programs

JLI facilitates themed after school programs in a variety of subject areas, including sports journalism, science, arts, community service, and outdoor adventure. These various programs all include media creation encompassing field reporting, editing, and publication. In many cases they involve partnerships with legacy media organizations, including local newspapers, radio stations, and television outlets that provide a venue for student work.
The Journalistic Learning Initiative was formed by a team distinguished educators with vast experience in curriculum development.
JLI Institute
JLI Educators go through an extensive selection and training process that begins with our bi-annual Portland-based JLI Educator Institutes. Following training in the JLI method by our Master Teachers, Institute candidates earn our certification and become JLI Educators. Following training and certification JLI Educators are ready to be embedded “change agents” who introduce and execute JLI programs and practices at their assigned sites. We match JLI Educators with teachers for extended realtime collaboration based on our partner schools’ needs. JLI Educators are on hand to supplement and support, not replace, classroom teachers. Additionally, JLI Educator cohorts participate in weekly webinar sessions lead by JLI Master Teachers that are designed to reinforce and expand their professional development.
Long Term Impact
During the initial term of JLI embedded programs, JLI Educators train their assigned classroom teacher to continue the program after the mentorship term ends, with an agreement to provide ongoing counseling for a prescribed period of time. All JLI Educator classroom service work is supervised and assessed by a JLI Master Teacher.
How we catalyze journalistic learning

Educators generally agree on the importance of cultivating students’ critical thinking skills, but for many the term remains elusive. Viewed through a critical lens, information intake still largely remains a passive process. JLI cultivates a deeper level of student engagement that we call informed thinking; one that our research indicates can better prepare young people to effectively navigate a more complex and nuanced world. Informed thinkers are more than savvy consumers. They become effective problem solvers, emerge as content creators, and learn to advocate for public good.