What is the Journalistic Learning Initiative?

The Journalistic Learning Initiative is a coalition of researchers, educators, community members, philanthropists, foundations, nonprofit organizations, corporate partners, government agencies, and allied stakeholders working together to empower student voice and academic success. We partner with K-12 school districts and schools to infuse JLI’s proven pedagogical strategies into existing curricula to enhance student learning. JLI is a collaboration between the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and the College of Education.

Journalistic Learning students create with confidence, communicate with conviction, and take ownership of their learning.
Student Enrichment/Community Engagement

JLI identifies schools that are ripe for transformation and works with its administrators, faculty, and community members to cultivate commitments to take action. Once relationships are in place, JLI or its designated program delivery partner deploys a JLI Educator to work alongside a teacher at each site. Through this team-teaching approach, our program facilitates the advancement of student publications and opportunities for peer mentorship.

Professional Enrichment

In addition to our embedded long-term programs, JLI facilitates in-person and online teacher trainings, workshops, and teacher credentialing programs through a partnership between the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and the College of Education.

These programs are designed to shift the culture of public, private, and charter school teaching from content-based to inquiry-based practices. We are expanding our reach through partnerships with peer universities that train teachers. Participating educators will experience journalistic learning’s best practices, interact with students in JL programs, and take them back to their respective classrooms.

Our growing community of educators will have access to an online library of research-based new media resources and realtime coaching tied to JLI principles.

Research and Experimentation

The Journalistic Learning Lab is our University of Oregon-based “skunkworks” collective, where researchers, professionals, educators, graduate students, and undergraduates engage in ongoing investigation of media education innovation and efficacy. We welcome individuals, prospective partners, and funders who share our commitment to evidence-based discovery, iteration, and implementation.

Our emphasis is on advancing journalistic learning scholarship and practice through peer-reviewed, trade, and popular press publications.